Puja as a ritual, is a result of 5000 years of research and development by Vedic rishis to develop human potential and achieve the ultimate flowering. These powerful techniques benefit every dimension of life: physiological, psychological, sociological, and ecological. Vedic Pujas and Homas when performed with deep devotion become intense meditation techniques. The rituals are truly effective for everyone when performed with sincerity. Vedic Pujas and Homas benefit people of all age groups, from increased alertness and all round growth in to increased health, happiness, and pro longed age in elders who perform Vedic worship as a spiritual practice. People spanning the full range of socioeconomic levels and intellectual abilities also benefit from these energizing rituals worldwide. Pujas and Homas when performed in the space energized by an enlightened Master directly elevate one to high meditative states that rejuvenate the being. Scientific studies around the world have established benefits of meditation that are validated by many different types of physiological, psychological, and sociological measures. Pujas and Homas as effective meditation techniques decrease stress, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress syndrome, and infuse bliss and peace for increased self transformation. Pujas and Homas radiate peace and harmony benefiting all relationships starting from family to the work-environment, increasing productivity and efficiency.